Welcome to the home of Jupiter Running Girl. I am in the process of creating a music-based running training program sure to help you get faster in a safe, effective way. I’ve been using the program myself for several weeks now and the improvement is noticeable! Let me know what you think.




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The Cadence Booster Training Program

The Cadence Booster training program is easy to implement and unique in its approach. It’s designed to teach you the fundamentals you’ll need to start running faster by helping you improve your leg turnover and increase your stride length. All without compromising your form or risking injury!

How Does it Work?

Using your smartphone or MP3 player, you’ll listen to weekly workouts that will teach you the fundamentals of running form and cadence while you run. And because each session is set to original music recorded at a precise “beats-per-minute” rate, you won’t have to think about how fast to move your legs while you are running. You only have to run to the beat of the music while you listen to and absorb the information provided. You’ll even be prompted to practice what you learn during the sessions, so that you have the greatest chance of making and sustaining improvements.

Over time, your cadence will increase, and you’ll start running faster and with better form, decreasing your changes of injury.

What Does a Typical Week Look Like?

You should try to complete at least four sessions each week, by listening to the audio files I’ll provide while you run using your smartphone or MP3 player. You can even do them while running on a treadmill to keep the boredom away! And I’ve created three program levels, so you can choose the level that’s best for you. Here’s a snapshot of each session:

  1. Running Theory Session: A 30-minute session designed to teach you something new about proper running form, stride length, cadence, or biomechanics while running at a comfortable speed. As you listen to the information being presented, you will be coached to try out a few things while you are running at a comfortable cadence.
  2. Cadence try & Apply: This 15-minute session coaches you to try and apply what you learned in the first session. It’s short, and is accompanied by music at or slightly below your comfortable running cadence. This ensures you won’t get too tired while focusing on improving your running form.
  3. Cadence Practice: This 30-minute session provides short audio prompts, reminding you to think about and practice what you learned in the first session. You will be running at your comfortable running cadence to ensure you maintain proper form while building up needed strength and endurance.
  4. Cadence Burst: This 30-minute session uses your comfortable running cadence as a baseline, and intersperses one-minute higher-cadence sections periodically throughout. This is similar to an “interval run”, with two-minute easy sections followed by one-minute quick ones. It’s my favorite!

In addition to the four required sessions, I’ve also created optional sessions that you can try throughout the week, in case you want more practice running to the beat!

  • The 10-minutes Cadence Threshold session is set to music 10 BPM faster than your comfortable running cadence, to give you a chance to practice running at a higher cadence for a short period of time.
  • A 2-hour Cadence Long Run is made up of 24 different five-minute musical clips, all set to your comfortable cadence.
  • The Cadence Ladder starts out slow and works its way up to very fast, in 3-minute increments. It’s sort of like climbing up a ladder that gets harder the higher you get! The first time you try it you might not make it to the top but that’s OK, you can keep trying it every week until you can.

How Can I Get Started?

Just let me know you’re interested in trying the program by filling out the form below, and I’ll use your email address to share my DropBox folder that contains all of the weekly sessions, for all three levels. You can download the files and add them to your personal music library or play them directly from the DropBox app that you can download to your phone.

To figure out which level is right for you, watch the full program introduction below, or download the PDF here. Level A is the slowest, and Level C is the fastest, but don’t be afraid to try sessions from different levels, depending on your conditions. For example, if I’m running on challenging terrain or in extreme heat, I’ll drop down to Level A, and if I want to really challenge myself, I’ll try a Level C session. But ordinarily, Level B is right for me.

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Full Program Introduction:

Click here to download a PDF version.



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