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Not All Toes are Created Equal

I’m in the process of becoming certified as a running coach (yay!). During the course of my studies, I’ve learned a lot about the toes! I find this subject fascinating because I have so many problems with mine.

Cadence Booster Workouts

I’m currently creating a music-based running training program, as the core component of the Cadence Booster workout series. Sign-up here to be a tester–it’s fun and free! All I ask is that you try it out and provide feedback and input on what you like and what you like to see change and I’ll handle the rest!

I’ve just released my first workout album called Cadence Burst Interval Workouts. There’s a level that’s perfect for everyone, from walkers to expert runners. Download it from iTunes, or stream it on Spotify & Apple Music.

Cadence Burst iTunes


Keep running to the beat!




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Welcome to my site! My name is Jeanette and I am glad you are here. I used to live in New York and Massachusetts and have been living in the Jupiter area of South Florida since 1991. I started running in elementary school and have been hitting the pavement and trails ever since! I hope you enjoy the information I provide and continue to develop a love and passion for running.

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