My Three “First 50K” Goals

Tomorrow I will be running my first 50K ultra trail race. It won’t be much of a “race” for me as I am not planning on running fast. However, I do have some goals. Here they are:

  1. Do not DNF. Or, said another way, finish the race! Run the entire 32-ish miles.
  2. Do it in less than 8 hours.
  3. Ensure I can still walk afterwards. I am not joking with this one. I want to make sure I race smart and still have a little something left to at least be able to strut around the park proudly!

I will post again soon to let everyone know how I did. Wish me luck!

Riverbend Park
The gorgeous Riverbend Park!

Irmagedden: A Hurrication I would have rather not taken

First and foremost-my heart goes out to all those tragically affected by both hurricanes Harvey and Irma. My story is not that bad.

This giant tree that came down two miles from our house knocking out power lines certainly didn’t help our situation!

However, living on the east coast of south Florida and experiencing this hurricane has not only given me a new perspective on life, it’s also helped me understand how best to prepare, should another one work its way over here during my lifetime.

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